The Wedge of the San Rafael

The Wedge of the San Rafael
Someone has to live here, in the middle of desert beauty. Might as well be the Kellys.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big box

It's always a nice moment when UPS delivers a box with 48 freebie copies of the latest book. I think The Admiral's Penniless Bride goes on sale in January. Typically, I get such a box a month before it goes on sale, but Harlequin was early with this one. Mabe they want to beat the Christmas rush. It's a good book, and I hope it does well.

Weight Watchers tonight. I lost -.4 pounds, which isn't much, but it wasn't a gain. Part of the value of WW is learning to make wise choices. For example, last night we were near Manti, Utah, at a Chinese restaurant. I was a good girl and ordered steamed vegetables and tofu (our daughter Liz called it toad food when she was a little girl). It was very good, and I even got a good fortune in the cookie. Pluses all around.

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  1. Congrats on the new book! Will it be a stand-alone or connected to the very awesome Channel Fleet trilogy? (I *heart* Hugh!)